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Frequently asked questions about RescueBooker, and its applicability for your police, fire or EMS organization.

  1. Who uses RescueBooker?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Does RescueBooker allow people to book partial shifts?
  4. If crew members can sign up for shifts on their own, is there security?
  5. Can the Coordinator be notified when someone books off a shift?
  6. What do I need to get started?
  7. How much does RescueBooker cost?
  8. Can I try RescueBooker before signing up?
If crew members can sign up for shifts, is there security?
Yes! RescueBooker requires that the Coordinator assign usernames and passwords for each member of your organization.  Members can only sign themselves up for shifts or remove their names from a shift already booked.  (The Coordinator is all powerful and can book anyone for any shift).  There is also a "bumping" capability, but it is logged to avoid disagreements between members.

One of the real benefits of allowing members to book themselves is that they can peruse open shifts online and sign up for them making the Coordinator's job much easier. Just about everybody has internet access today; those that don't can just call the Coordinator who can do the scheduling for them.

A transaction log viewable only by the Coordinator tracks scheduling actions and will be helpful in determining which members use RescueBooker to the benefit of the whole organization and those who refuse or abuse the privilege.

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