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Frequently asked questions about RescueBooker, and its applicability for your police, fire or EMS organization.

  1. Who uses RescueBooker?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Does RescueBooker allow people to book partial shifts?
  4. If crew members can sign up for shifts on their own, is there security?
  5. Can the Coordinator be notified when someone books off a shift?
  6. What do I need to get started?
  7. How much does RescueBooker cost?
  8. Can I try RescueBooker before signing up?
Who uses RescueBooker?
RescueBooker fits best in volunteer organizations (EMS and fire departments) that want to improve the process of signing up for duty shifts and assure that complete crews are available when a 911 call comes in!

Note that RescueBooker is intended for U.S.-based police, EMS and fire organizations but may have applicability outside the U.S.  We are currently looking at multi-language support in RescueBooker for non-English-speaking countries.

Other non-emergency organizations will also find RescueBooker a great fit:  amusement parks, school bus companies, senior mini-buses, hospitals and convelescent homes, visiting nurse organizations, even fast food retaurants!

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