Why Didnít I Hear About This Change as a Coordinator?


We apologize if this decision to open up our product to other browsers and platforms out there has caused some inaccessiblity problems.We tested this new version in-house and with several customers in the field for about six months, and cooperatively decided that this was the best approach to take.


We notified all customer coordinators several weeks ago about this change in a written message attached to the quarterly billing, with a request that the message be forwarded to the coordinator(s) in the event that the person paying the bills was not the coordinator.While Bigfoot Labs has the ability to broadcast a message about a new version to all users in the News section, we have in the past been SPECIFICALLY requested to not do that because it generates extra phone calls from end users to the coordinators asking what the messages mean.Therefore we chose to notify the coordinators only by hardcopy.


In order to minimize any support impact to the coordinators, your end users are welcome to contact Bigfoot Labs directly at (860) 574-3668 should they be having problems with RescueBooker access or display since the new version was installed.We will work directly with them, including remoting in to their home computers at their request and at no charge, to resolve any access problems they are encountering.

Thank you,


Dan Kehoe, President

Bigfoot Labs


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