Why Should I Use Another Browser Besides Internet Explorer?


When RescueBooker was originally written in 2002, it conformed to Internet Explorer and its proprietary standards because at the time it was just about the only stable browser out there.  In recent years, the number of browser options has increased dramatically, with individual preferences shifting to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and even Opera.  Compared to these newer upstarts, Internet Explorer was considered slow, buggy, and our customers began to get increasingly vocal about our restriction of only using Internet Explorer when they themselves had made personal or corporate decisions to move away from it.  Some customers who enjoyed using RescueBooker were forced to drop it when their organizations refused to allow their people to use Internet Explorer with its problems.


Bigfoot Labs has been proud to support RescueBooker with its extremely reliable and rock-steady interface on the Internet Explorer browser for 10 years, as we know people are reluctant to have software they trust and depend upon change, especially in emergency services.  Thus the decision to rewrite RescueBooker to accomodate other platforms was a difficult and costly decision to make, especially for a product that has been out there so long with very few problems.  We feel we made a good one in the end.  For the benefit and support of our emergency services customers, we have opted to absorb the cost of this rewrite and not raise prices.


Do you feel this product update came on unexpectedly?  Read on here.


Bigfoot Labs