Having problems accessing the new RescueBooker?


On March 15, 2013, we upgraded everyone to RescueBooker 2.1 which is functionally the same as the earlier version with the addition of support for browsers other than Internet Explorer.  We added support for Mozilla Firefox, Mac Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.  Even the iPad is now supported as is Mac OS for our Mac users.


This comes at a small price--if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, it needs to be at the latest version.  If you are normally doing Windows Update or Microsoft Update, you should be at the latest version and fully patched.


We have had some calls from customers who are using older versions of Internet Explorer, reporting that the schedule tabs appear for the vehicles, but that the schedule below does not show up, and that certain things like the arrows for choosing dates on the calendar don't work.  In every case we have found that upgrading to the latest Internet Explorer fixes these problems.  On Windows XP that means Internet Explorer 8, on Vista Internet Explorer 9 and on Windows 7 or Windows 8 you should be running Internet Explorer 10.  If you are still running Internet Explorer 6 or 7, RescueBooker probably won’t work at all anymore.


In the event that upgrading Internet Explorer doesn't resolve your problem, changing to another free browser such as Chrome or Firefox is the answer.


After 10 years of supporting only Internet Explorer, we are now recommending that people use a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome to access RescueBooker.  This is because in order to support all these different browser choices requested by our customers, we re-wrote RescueBooker's interface to a recent industry web standard supported by all these other browsers--ironically, only Microsoft is lax in supporting this new industry standard, and only with the very latest versions and patches to Internet Explorer does Microsoft come close to supporting it. Note that modified browsers such as the AOL or Yahoo browsers are based on old, unsupported browsers and do not conform to industry standards and are no longer supported for use with RescueBooker.


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